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Interested in adopting or fostering one of our pets? Please read through our process below and fill in the adoption/foster application. Applications must be fully filled in, saved to your device and sent via email to


Please note that all applications are looked over carefully and adoption/fostering is not guaranteed.  Adoption fees apply.

Download the pre-adoption / foster application here!




Fostering starts with an application, from there we process it just like any application. This is for several reasons, number one, fosters ALWAYS have the first option to adopt, if the pet is a fit for their family (at the rescue's discretion). Number two even though it is a temporary home, we still need to ensure that it is a safe and appropriate home that it aligns with our rescue's ethics and beliefs. Once approved fosters are supplied with everything they may need to care for their foster while they have them, depending on the situation fostering can last a few days, to weeks, to sometimes months. Tell us what you are wanting to commit to and we can help ensure a fit. We ask for frequent updates (pictures and info), details on your foster(s) that will help us determine their best Furever Family, and to make sure that no issues arise that we are unaware of or unable to help with. We need to know your availability so we can set up meet-n-greets with potential new families, the more meet-n-greets the faster the foster gets to settle into their new furever home.




Foster to adoption varies, in that we may supply some needs short term, but typically the new owners supply the majority of the foster's needs themselves. We go through and fill out the contract as if an adoption is happening. Half of the adoption fee is given as a deposit to hold that dog/puppy, the remainder of the fee would be given at the time of adoption. There is usually a set timeframe for foster to adoption placements.




We are "a best fit" rescue, this is not a first come first served process, this means two things; first is that we will go with the best application on an animal not necessarily the first received, and in the case of litters of puppies you may be approved for the litter, (we do our best to honor things, especially gender, or coat type if it is varied) but we do NOT adopt based solely on aesthetics of a puppy you see in a picture, we carefully raise and evaluate all puppies and work with approved adopters to place a puppy in the home that will best suit it. Sometimes there are several who would be acceptable, sometimes they are very clear who should go into what lifestyle. Service and working homes will ALWAYS take priority in a litter, if we select a specific puppy as having working potential and there is a service need they will have priority to accept that specific puppy. ALL adopters start with an application, please fill it out in its entirety. Once received, we process the application as fast as we are able to. Please be patient, we are all volunteers working around our lives, families, pets, and fosters. We process available pets more urgently than pets that may not be ready to go into homes. When processing please make sure your vet is aware and has permission to speak with us because we will call. Be aware we WILL call landlords/management companies, this is non-negotiable, if we cannot speak with your landlord your application will not be processed. When there is any further doubt we will likely call your personal references as well. We will ask a variety of questions to get a feel for how you are with your animals. Once all of that is done, we will call applicants who have passed all the other aspects and conduct phone interviews, we will ask various questions, discuss the animal's needs, etc. If all goes well, you are selected and agree to the placement, we will set up a meet and greet with the dog/puppy(ies) you have been selected for. If you get to this step, and all goes well, and no concerns are raised, you will be able to adopt that animal. Please note as it has come up before, we will not conduct multiple meet-and-greets on the same animal at the same time. If your pet is fully vetted and ready to go at the time of meet and greet, you will be able to bring your new furbaby home with you after filling out the contract and going over all information (please bring a collar and leash). If your pet is not yet ready to go home you will pre-adopt your baby at the meet-and-greet. We will go through the contract and fill it out, go over all information again, half of the adoption fee is due to hold your baby at the time of pre-adoption the other half is due when he or she is ready to be picked up. 

Please note: Fees are non-refundable

Without you, there is no 180 degree rescue!

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